I wish…

for a lot of things. Like a PS4, another tattoo, a new car, and maybe my college to be automatically payed for but what i wish for most of all is to be with my girlfriend everyday. Spending time with her means makes me so happy and materialistic things couldn’t compared to how valuable she is to me.
I wish i could be with her forever and I really think that could happen. The amount of love I have for her is indescribable. I have the most fun with her then i have with anyone and every time i go see her i always get the same feeling. She is such an amazing person just by being herself around me. Shes so smart and has goals in life and has a sense of directions she is heading for. She always makes me smile just my her talking or laughing at me being my dorky self. Shes open trying new things like different food and restaurants I haven’t even been too. She also has the same interests as me like GoT, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings/hobbit. She is absolutely perfect for me and I couldn’t ask for a more gorgeous and amazing girlfriend. I know in my heart this will last and I feel that she is the best person for me. I wish to spend my life with her and always have her by my side. I love her with all my heart and nothing can change the emotions that i feel.

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